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  • About us

    In October 2016 we started Ezo Connect Ltd because we believed that businesses, who wanted to use SMS to communicate with their customers, were left with a choice of paying a high premium for reliable operator direct connections, or paying a lower more affordable cost for unreliable and unapproved connections.

    By taking our experiences of working for telecoms operators, as well as leading global SMS providers, we have created a product which is both reliable and affordable!

    We have developed our online customer portal to be extremely user friendly & efficient, as well as providing simple to use API’s, or email to SMS capabilities, enabling us to cater our services to businesses of all sizes.

    Along the way we have grown our business offering to include a wide range of additional marketing products and services for our customers.

  • Services

    • textsmsMessaging Solutions

      90% of SMS text messages are read within 3 minutes & have an open rate of almost 98% compared to an email open rate of around 22%.

      We provide the service you need to start reaching your customers in the most effective way possible.

    • computerUser-friendly Online Portal

      Ezo Connect's online portal is very user-friendly, making it easy for you to contact one customer, a targeted group of customers, or your entire database in one go!

    • phoneMarketing

      We are delighted to offer professional design & marketing services.

    • supervisor_accountPremium Rate Shortcodes

      Premium Rate Shortcode services for businesses and charities.

  • Applewatch & iPhone with Ezoconnect
  • iPhone with Ezoconnect
  • SMS Pricing: Subscription

    £99.99 a year
    Easy to use online-portal
    Personalised SMS with your brand name
    Dedicated account manager support
    3000 free messages

    Call us for additional bulk message pricing.

    What's the catch? There isn't one. When you sign up for a subscription with Ezo Connect, you aren't tied into a complicated or lengthy contract, meaning you can cancel anytime.

    Is your businesses outside of the U.K? We offer competitive pricing to 185 countries worldwide. Prices available upon request.

    Contact us today to find out how your business can benefit from SMS, +44 (0)1534 872 248

  • What are Premium Rate Short Codes?

    A five or six digit number belonging to a business or charity, which the public can text to vote, enter competitions or make donations.

    This is a form of micro-payment that is subsequently charged to the sender’s telephone bill. A business can build revenue from messages being sent by the public and a charity can use this tool to fundraise.

    How can you use them?

    Voting Example – To vote for your winner text ‘Thomas’ or ‘Sally’ to 43210

    Competitions Example – Text ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ or ‘D’ to 43210 to enter

    Donations Example – Text ‘TWENTY’ to 43210 to donate £20

  • Applewatch & iPhone with Ezoconnect
  • Marketing

    We delighted to offer professional design & marketing services.

    • Logo Design

      from £250

      • 3 Choices - High Res Image & Vector Supplied.

        Artwork Business Cards £50 (plus printing costs).

    • Website packages

      Package 1 - £750

      • Bespoke designed Website - 1 page.
      • 1 Years Domain Name or .com (.je an extra £50) there after £20 per year (.je an extra £50)
      • 1 Years Free Hosting, there after £300 per year or £30 per Month

      Package 2 - £1750

      • Bespoke designed Website - 4 Pages
      • 1 Years Free Domain Name or .com (.je an extra £50) there after £20 per year (.je an extra £50)
      • 1 Years Free Hosting. there after £300 per year or £30 per Month

      Package 3 - £4000

      • Bespoke designed Website - up to 20 Pages
      • 1 Database
      • 1 Content management system (CMS)
      • 1 Years Free Domain Name or .com (.je an extra £50) there after £20 per year (.je an extra £50)
      • 1 Years Free Hosting (there after £300 per year or £30 per Month).

      Additional hourly rate at £105 per hour.

    • Other Services

      • Print Design
      • Creative Direction
      • Digital Strategy
      • Branding & Identity
      • Web & Mobile app design & build
      • UX & UI Design
      • Usability Experience
      • Video & 3D Animation
      • Photography
      • Social Marketing
      • Content Marketing
      • Brand Storytelling
      • E-Commerce
      • Content Management Systems
      • Bespoke Technical builds

      Please note all of the above ‘Other services’ are billed at various hourly rates, time & materials.

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Ezo Connect Ltd is registered in Jersey No.122355